Dear Participant:

Papers will be made according to the experiences of research, development and innovation groups, research centers or related to the following topics: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering.

Important dates:

07 July: Reception of papers and posters.
28 July: Deadline for receipt of articles IOP Proceedings.
4 August: Communication of acceptance of papers and posters IOP Proceedings.
11 August: Deadline for receipt of articles Colombian Journal of Advanced Technologies
11 August: Corrections of accepted papers and/or posters sent IOP Proceedings.
September 8: Deadline for payment.

If you want to present your paper for submission to publication in English will remember that additional registration cost of the paper and informed the guidelines to follow for a value of COP 200 000.

To keep in mind:

Poster presentation:

Remember if your poster is accepted to participate in the VI International Technological Innovation each author (s) is responsible for printing.
Download poster presentation format.