Dear Participant:

Make your registration to the VI International Meeting on Technology Innovation, aimed at students, teachers and researchers, filling out the form below. , uonce you're registered Login, go to the main menu choose Link events unfold when the menu option seeks VI meeting internment of Technological Innovation and register.

Remember that your participation is as rapporteur further to send to the format of presentation, Authors format (refer to section papers from the main menu) so you can download it .

Registration costs:

Concept Value
Registration external paper $150.000
Enrollment internal paper $80.000
Students and Graduates $10.000
professionals $20.000
date for the registration and payment of the participants and speakers from September 05 to September 20, remember once the payment has been made you must send scanned support to the email with your respective name, surname code, cedula also if the title of your paper is rapporteur, Similarly remember to go to the treasury office located in the UFPSO house and deliver the support.